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When do the gates open? 



What time does the show start?

4:30 - Old School DJ Mix

6:30 - Motown Throwback Band

7:30 - TheSoulKnights

Meli'sa Morgan

The Dells Revue

The Delfonics feat.Greg Hill

Blue Magic

Where is this located?

Columbia County Amphitheater

What comes with VIP Tickets?

Preferred seating at the stage, Chairs provided. No wait in line direct seating.

If I come early can I hold seats for friends and family?

Seating is on a first come first serve basis. If you want to sit as a group you must enter at the same time.


Will there be temperature checks prior to entering the event?

Yes, there will be temperature stations prior to ticket processing.


Can I bring a purse or bag?

Yes, and all bags will be checked thoroughly by security personnel.


I have a license to carry a weapon, can I bring my weapon into the event?

No Weapons allowed.


Can I bring my cooler and lawn chair?

Coolers are not permitted. Food and Beverages will be available on site. Lawn chairs are permitted.


Will I be able to smoke a cigarette at the event?

No smoking allowed.


What if it rains?

This is a rain or shine event. No refunds allowed.


Will food be available at the event?

Yes, food will be provided by vendors.


Will there be on site parking available?

Yes,  there is plenty of parking in and around the event location. 


Will restrooms be available?

Yes, their are staionary restrooms and portable toilets on site.

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